Alain Würgler

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We present a general model for classiication structures that supports object role modelling. Objects can be associated with many roles simultaneously in a way that provides multiple clas-siication views over objects. Further, objects can change their roles through migration within a classiication graph. Object migration is controlled through the structure(More)
We present a general model of database connectivity for the controlled sharing and migration of information across databases as supported in the object-oriented database management system OMS Connect. A database may connect to one or more other databases, thereby enabling remote data to be viewed, processed and copied within the local database in such a way(More)
Preface This document is intended as an introduction to the OMS object-oriented database management system. It provides an overview of the underlying OM generic data model and the specific OMS type model together with a tutorial on how to use the OMS system. Such a document cannot provide full details of the model, the query language, the Prolog programming(More)
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