Alain Trichet

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The ozonation of d-glucose-1-(13)C, 2-(13)C, and 6-(13)C was carried out at pH 2.5 in a semi-batch reactor at room temperature. The products present in the liquid phase were analyzed by GC-MS, HPAEC-PAD, and (13)C NMR spectroscopy. Common oxidation products of glucose have also been submitted to identical ozonation conditions. For the first time, a pentaric(More)
[1-(13)C], [2-(13)C] and [6-(13)C] D-glucose were, respectively, ozonized in a semi-batch reactor in acidic and basic conditions. The composition of the gas phase was evaluated by on-line mass spectrometry measurements. The quantitative and isotopic analyses of the carbon dioxide formed during ozonization are presented and discussed. The data, correlated(More)
Abbreviations used in this paper: Ena/VASP, Drosophila enabled/vasodilator stimulated phosphoprotein; NPF, nucleation promoting factor. Ena/VASP proteins, a family of multi-functional actin-modulating proteins, are implicated in cell – cell contact maturation (Scott et al., 2006), as are the actin polymerization nucleating proteins, formins and the Arp2/3(More)
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