Alain Thiéry

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The study of the structure of communities of Crustacean branchiopods Anostraca, Notostraca and Spinicaudata of temporary ponds in Morocco revealed the existence of a geographical area with a particularly diversified number of species. Over a few hectares, 11 species, among the 18 known in Morocco, are present. While most of them are usually allopatric and(More)
Water and its protection against pollution is an urgent priority for all countries around the world. In that context, France, through its Water Law in 1992 obliged the motorway companies to build stormwater retention ponds along roads in order to protect the water resource from transport pollution and to control water flow during rainstorms. We propose to(More)
Physical and chemical variables, anostracan populations (Artemia parthenogenetica and Branchinella spinosa) and other biota were studied during 1996–1997 in a Camargue saltern (max. depth ∼1 m). The taxonomic composition and density of macroinvertebrates were investigated twice monthly, based on benthic substrate and water column samples. Fauna was composed(More)
The external egg morphology of the phyllopod species recorded in France is described by means of S.E.M. Differences in diameter and ornamentation of envelope are stressed. We propose a dichotomous key to allow the identification of species even when their biotope is dry. Results are compared with previous studies on Anostraca, Notostraca and Spinicaudata(More)
Cysts of three species of anostracans (Branchipusschaefferi, Chirocephalus diaphanus, and Tanymastigites perrieri), two species of Notostracans (Triops numidicus and Lepidurus apus) and one species of Spinicaudata (Leptestheriamayeti) were collected from the upper 2 cm of dry sediments at intervals along transects from a temporary pool in an arid zone of(More)
The CeO₂ NPs are increasingly used in industry but the environmental release of these NPs and their subsequent behavior and biological effects are currently unclear. This study evaluates for the first time the effects of CeO₂ NPs on the survival and the swimming performance of two cladoceran species, Daphnia similis and Daphnia pulex after 1, 10 and 100(More)
The larvicidal activity of ethanolic leaf extracts from two Artemisia species, Artemisia campestris var. glutinosa and A. molinieri, on mosquito Culex pipiens Linnaeus (Diptera, Culicidae) larvae was investigated. Since A. molinieri is a rare and protected species confined to temporary ponds of Southern France, its toxic activity may help to value this(More)
The growing use of nanomaterials and their associated risks necessitate the emergence of efficient decontamination systems. The main objective of this study is to develop a new prototype based on artificial supramolecular hydrogel capable of removing nanoparticle (NP) waste and nanomaterial by-products from aqueous suspensions. We demonstrate the high(More)
The redox state of disulfide bonds is implicated in many redox control systems, such as the cysteine-cystine couple. Among proteins, ubiquitous cysteine-rich metallothioneins possess thiolate metal binding groups susceptible to metal exchange in detoxification processes. CeO2 NPs are commonly used in various industrial applications due to their redox(More)