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The Significance of Food Storage Among Hunter-Gatherers: Residence Patterns, Population Densities, and Social Inequalities [and Comments and Reply]
Some hunter-gatherer societies (the Indians of California and of the Northwest Coast, for instance) depart significantly from the commonly accepted definition. This paper demonstrates that in suchExpand
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Resume: Cet article prend l’exemple du taureau a Catal Hoyuk pour avancer quelques points de methode dans l’interpretation de l’iconographie des societes sans ecriture. Il souligne d’abord laExpand
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The Extent and Significance of Debt Slavery
The phenomenon of debt slavery has either been greatly underestimated or, on the contrary, overestimated through confusion with other ways of dealing with the debtor, like pawning, for instance, orExpand
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Des crânes et des vautours ou la guerre oubliée
L’archeologie proche-orientale est celebre pour les crânes sans corps retrouves en differents sites du PPNA, PPNB ou Neolithique. Ces trouvailles ont ete regulierement interpretees comme l’indiceExpand
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Game Sharing Systems and Kinship Systems Among Hunter-Gatherers
This article argues that there are two major kinds of game sharing among nomadic huntergatherers. In one, sharing is initiated by the hunter himself who shares out the game. In the other, the processExpand
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Some Major Problems in the Social Anthropology of Hunter-Gatherers [and Comments and Reply]
What is the relationship between the present-day hunter-gatherer studied by anthropologists and the societies of the Palaeolithic? And how is the articulation between the economy of these societiesExpand
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What is a gift?
  • Alain Testart
  • Philosophy
  • HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory
  • 1 April 2013
This article introduces the subject of defining a gift in an ironic way, imagining Martian anthropologists conducting fieldwork among terrestrial human beings, hearing so many times the verb “toExpand
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Reconstructing Social and Cultural Evolution
This article presents a systematic critique of phylogenetic linguistic methodology as applied to social or cultural data. The example that occasions this criticism is a 2006 article by Fortunato,Expand
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Innovations, food storage and the origins of agriculture
Abstract The global phenomenon of the birth of agriculture remains an enigma and challenges the role of food storage. Much has been written about their invention. A general explanation is needed forExpand
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This paper seeks to show that while the idea of reciprocity is fundamental in Australian Aboriginal societies, inequalities are also inherent in the kinship system itself. An attempt is then made toExpand
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