Alain T. Rappaport

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This research is concerned with the simulation of learning by experience to induce the capability for a knowledge-based system to pre-structure the problem before solving it. The model we present is made of different consecutive modules accounting for the tasks of problem-solving, building a dynamic memory and extracting expectations, and pre-structuring or(More)
6066 Background: ASCO abstracts are a leading source of cancer research information. The ASCO Breast Cancer Information Exchange (BCIE) project was developed to better organize and access abstracts in breast cancer for a faster, more precise, and targeted search. METHODS Traditional web search engines allow simple keyword-based queries. Improvements in(More)
Platform independence means that a user interface can be specified and created using a particular combination of hardware, operating system, and windowing environmen~ that single specification can then be recompiled without intervention (ideally) to run on an entirely heterogeneous combination/platform. This is a remarkable feat even considering alone the(More)
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