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Caching is a key component for Content Distribution Networks and new Information-Centric Network architectures. In this paper, we address performance issues of caching networks running the RND replacement policy. We first prove that when the popularity distribution follows a general power-law with decay exponent α > 1, the miss probability is(More)
The Quality of Service (QoS) ooered to telecommunication applications is related to the transient behavior of network elements in the case of congestion. In this paper, we analyze the variations of the bit rate process f t g created on an ATM link transmitting data bursts in an open-loop statistical multiplexing scheme. This process is modeled by means of(More)
—The Internet heavily relies on Content Distribution Networks and transparent caches to cope with the ever-increasing traffic demand of users. Content, however, is essentially versatile: once published at a given time, its popularity vanishes over time. All requests for a given document are then concentrated between the publishing time and an effective(More)