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A 70 year old patient with a small haematoma largely restricted to the area of the right superior and inferior colliculi is reported. Eye movements were electro-oculographically recorded 17 and 80 days after the onset of the haematoma. At the first examination, latency of lateral reflexive visually-guided saccades was asymmetrical, both in the gap task(More)
Among the side-effects attributed to valproic acid (VPA), the occurrence of Parkinsonian syndromes and cognitive impairment is very uncommonly reported. We describe five cases of reversible associated Parkinsonism. These cases were observed in epileptic patients, 57 to 74 years old, two women and three men. Extrapyramidal disorders appeared after various(More)
A 48-year-old French diplomat presented with a sensory-motor paraparesis of rapid onset, leading to paraplegia. Successive magnetic resonance image scans showed lesions of the thoracic spinal cord that were at different levels from one examination to the next. Specific anti-gnathostome antibodies were detected by means of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay(More)
We present an original case of Marchiafava-Bignami disease in a 47-year-old left-handed alcoholic man. Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated the typical lesion, a necrosis of the middle portion of the corpus callosum. Diagnosis may thus be established in the living. In our case, the course was not fatal, which, to our knowledge,(More)
1. Results of auscultation of carotid arteries have been reviewed in 200 adults patients with 332 carotid angiograms. Cases with abnormal cardiac bruits of supraclavicular buits were excluded. There was no case with stenosis of the external artery or significant anemia. 2. The present series of patients comprises : 100 with internal carotid artery (ICA)(More)
Thrombolytic agents are aimed at restoring arterial patency thus reducing the risk of cerebral infarction in case of arterial occlusion by blood thrombus or embolus. A review of data from the literature is presented, and the authors have tried to answer the following questions: 1) What are the probabilities of early mortality (first 30 days) and of(More)
In contrast with the expected results, the Captopril Prevention Project study has found that the relative risk of stroke was greater by 25% in patients treated with ACEI than in patients receiving the conventional diuretics +/- betablockers regimen (Hanson et al. ISH Amsterdam, June 98). This difference persisted after adjustment for the initial differences(More)
Angiotensin II (AII) acts by 2 types of receptors: the ATI receptor which mediates its actions on vasoconstriction, renin (inhibition) and aldosterone (stimulation) secretions, cellular proliferation and angiogenesis and the non-AT1 (often called AT2) receptors. Mainly expressed in the embryon these latter may favor cellular differentiation and recruitment(More)
In this article clinical and neuroradiological features from a cohort of 48 immunocompetent patients who have a histologically proved primary cerebral lymphoma are considered. Our series consisted of 27 men and 21 women with an average age of 59. The clinical results gave 73% patients with a focal deficit, 46% with deterioration of vigilance, 35%(More)