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Lumbo-sacral orientation in the sagittal plane is of utmost importance, as it plays a critical role in the function of the spine and the hip joints. Equilibrium of the trunk influences the tridimensional orientation of the acetabulum and the functional range of motion of the hips. Each patient is characterized by a "morphological" parameter named incidence(More)
Inflatable structures are already used in robotics to build stiff and light inflatable links. Moreover, those links are compliant and they can be safely used in robots interacting with critical installations. Nevertheless, until now, linkages with an inflatable structure have always been composed of independent inflatable links separated by joints. But the(More)
This paper deals with a finite element evaluation of new kind of robotic arm based on a complete inflatable structure. Soft robotics and particularly inflatable robotics are now considered as a credible alternative to classical structures for a wide field of robotics. As they are made of textile materials, inflatable robots allow compact packaging and(More)
Inflatable manipulators open new trends in robotic applications. In this paper, a new inflatable actuator to articulate a long-range inflatable robotic arm, is presented. Completely made of high strength fabric, its low mass leads to large force-weight ratios and a stroke almost equal to twice its overall length. The operation principle, as well as the(More)
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