Alain Rivière

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We report on the comparison of two systems for correcting spelling errors resulting in non-existent words (i.e. not listed in any lexicon). Both systems aim at improving edition of medical reports. Unlike traditional systems, based on word language models, both semantic and syntactic contexts are considered here. Both systems share the same string-to-string(More)
Nowadays, the design of Power Modules (PM) is shared between multidisciplinary teams of designers using various modelling tools. Consequently, optimizing the layout of PM is a long process with high risk of errors. In this paper, a sequentially coupled approach is proposed to optimize this process. This integrated method is based on coupling physical models(More)
Concomitant platinum-based chemotherapy and radiotherapy (CT-RT) is the recommended treatment for unresectable locally advanced stage III non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). We conducted a phase II study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of fractionated oral vinorelbine with cisplatin as induction CT followed by CT-RT. Patients with stage III NSCLC(More)
Digital Factory (DF) aims at proposing simulation tools to design a product and its production system in parallel. Nevertheless, DF is marked by the multiplicity and heterogeneity of simulation models that are used, that slows down its usage in industry. We propose in this paper a conceptual model to manage the different simulation information created and(More)
The great majority of engineered products are subject to thermo-mechanical loads which vary with the product environment during the various phases of its life-cycle (machining, assembly, intended service use…). Those load variations may result in different values of the parts nominal dimensions, which in turn generate corresponding variation of the(More)