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player evader B who move in turn along the edges of G are considered. The p pursuers A,, .'., A, want to catch B who tries to escape. R. Nowakowski and P. Winkler [Discrete Math. 43 (1983), 235-2401 and A. Quilliot [ " These de 3'cycle, " pp. 131-145, Universite de Paris VI, 19781 already characterized the graphs such that one pursuer is sufftcient to catch(More)
In this paper, the RCPSP (Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem) is solved using a linear programming model. Each activity may or may not be preemptive. Each variable is associated to a subset of independent activities (antichains). The properties of the model are first investigated. In particular, conditions are given that allow a solution of the(More)
This work deals with the scheduling problem of a directed acyclic graph with interprocessor communication delays. The objective is to minimize the makespan, taking into account the contention in the network induced by the message routing. We propose two heuristics for solving the scheduling and routing problems onto arbitrary networks, taking into(More)