Alain Prévost

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BACKGROUND Airway epithelium integrity is essential to maintain its role of mechanical and functional barrier. Recurrent epithelial injuries require a complex mechanism of repair to restore its integrity. In chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), an abnormal airway epithelial repair may participate in airway remodeling. The objective was to determine(More)
PURPOSE To determine the effects of amifostine on an isolated perfused rat-heart model and its protective activity with regard to cardiotoxic doxorubicin perfusion. METHODS Langendorff constant-pressure isolated rat-heart preparations were used to analyze the effects of the drugs during a 40-min period of perfusion after a 20-min stabilization interval.(More)
BACKGROUND In daily cardiology practice, porters are usually required to transfer inpatients who need an echocardiogram to the echocardiographic department (echo-lab). AIMS To assess echo-lab personnel workflow and patient transfer delay by comparing the use of a new, ultraportable, echoscopic, pocket-sized device at the bedside with patient transfer to(More)
Using an isolated nonworking rat heart model, this study investigated the role of beta-adrenergic preconditioning (beta-PC) to attenuate myocardial dysfunction after an ischemia/reperfusion injury. After a 20-min stabilization period, the noradrenaline depleted hearts were perfused for 5 min with isoproterenol (ISO) before 40-min global ischemia (I)(More)
BACKGROUND Our purpose was to determine the effects of amifostine, a cytoprotective agent, on doxorubicin tolerance and cardiotoxicity in rats. MATERIALS AND METHODS Male Wistar rats were treated every other day with an intraperitoneal injection of amifostine or saline 30 minutes before intraperitoneal injection of doxorubicin or saline. Weight change was(More)
Twelve inoperable lung cancer patients were treated with a combination chemotherapy of cisplatinum (CDDP) and etoposide (VP16), as a continuous infusion for 5 days, every 21 days, and with a daily oral administration of GaCl3. Dosages of CDDP and VP16 were adapted in order to obtain an area under the curve (AUC) of 80,000 micrograms l-1.h for plasma total(More)
Although nicotine has been implicated as a potential factor in the pathogenesis of human cancer, its mechanisms of action regarding cancer development remain largely unknown. HL-60 cells were used to investigate the effects of a short-term treatment with nicotine at concentrations found in the blood of smokers. The findings show that nicotine induces(More)
Occupational factors encountered in farming and other agricultural activities produce a particular risk for respiratory diseases. For some, such as extrinsic allergic alveolitis, diagnosis depends upon a range of epidemiological, clinical, radiological and immunological arguments. Farmer's lung is one of the most common form of extrinsic allergic(More)
Isocyanates are some of the most important low molecular weight chemicals associated with occupational asthma. These compounds are often volatile and they are highly reactive on mucous membranes, especially the conjunctivae and respiratory tract. Despite numerous data derived from experimental and clinical investigations, there is no agreement concerning(More)
Allergens of natural latex, latex gloves, avocado pear, and banana extracts were investigated by an immunoblotting technique in sera of patients experiencing associated latex and fruit allergies. Extracts were separated by sodium dodecyl-sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and electroblotted onto nitrocellulose. After incubation with patients' sera,(More)