Alain Michils

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Controlled studies have shown that monitoring of the exhaled nitric oxide fraction (F(eNO)) improves asthma management. However, the studies seldom consider the full range of patients seen in clinical practise. In the present study, the ability of F(eNO) to reflect asthma control over time is investigated in a regular clinical setting, and meaningful F(eNO)(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the 16- and 52-week effectiveness of add-on omalizumab treatment under real-life heterogeneity in patients, settings, and physicians in an open-label, multicenter, pharmaco-epidemiologic study of patients with severe persistent allergic asthma in Belgium. METHODS Effectiveness outcomes included improvement in 2005 global initiative(More)
The flow cytometric basophil activation test (BAT), based on the detection of allergen-induced CD63 expression, has been proved effective in the diagnosis of various IgE-mediated allergies. However, there is not yet consensus about the suitability of CD203c expression as a specific basophil activation marker and its diagnostic reliability. The goal of the(More)
BACKGROUND Characterizing the interactions between the upper and lower airways is important for the management of asthma. This study aimed at assessing the specific impact of concomitant rhinitis on asthma-related quality of life (QOL) and asthma control. METHODS A cross-sectional, observational survey was conducted among 1173 patients with asthma (aged(More)
Alveolar nitric oxide (NO) concentration (Fa(NO)), increasingly considered in asthma, is currently interpreted as a reflection of NO production in the alveoli. Recent modeling studies showed that axial molecular diffusion brings NO molecules from the airways back into the alveolar compartment during exhalation (backdiffusion) and contributes to Fa(NO). Our(More)
UNLABELLED The Belgian severe asthma registry is a web-based registry encompassing demographic, clinical, functional and inflammatory data of severe asthmatics (SA), aiming at improving awareness, knowledge on its natural history and subphenotypes, and offering tools to optimize care of this asthma population. METHODS The cross-sectional analyses of this(More)
Although routinely used in clinical practice, skin prick tests and serum specific IgE often fail to distinguish between IgE-sensitization and symptomatic IgE-mediated allergy. There is therefore a need for new laboratory tests relating allergic symptoms to the offending agent. In this way, we evaluated the diagnostic reliability of a new whole blood(More)
Lung deposition of new formulations of budesonide, using solid lipid microparticles (SLmP) as a pharmaceutically acceptable filler and carrier for inhalation aerosols, and administered from a dry powder inhaler (Cyclohaler), were compared with that from Pulmicort Turbuhaler. Six healthy volunteers took part in a three-way randomized cross-over study, and(More)