Alain Mailhot

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This paper introduces GIBSI, an integrated modelling system prototype designed to assist decision makers in their assessment of various river basin management scenarios in terms of standard water physical and chemical parameters and standards for various uses of the water. GIBSI runs on a personal computer and provides a user-friendly framework to examine(More)
Using the integrated modeling system GIB SI and a case study, this paper presents the development of a risk-based TMDL assessment approach that links wet (nonpoint/diffuse) and dry weather (point) sources to a probability of exceeding water quality standards (WQS) governing wateruses. The case study focused on determining whether WQS defining recreational(More)
The implications of climate change and changing precipitation patterns need to be investigated to evaluate mitigation measures for source water protection. Potential solutions need first to be evaluated under present climate conditions to determine their utility as climate change adaptation strategies. An urban drainage network receiving both stormwater and(More)
Critical properties of the Ising model on a stacked triangular lattice, with antiferromagnetic first and second-neighbor in-plane interactions, are studied by extensive histogram Monte Carlo simulations. The results, in conjunction with the recently determined phase diagram, strongly suggest that the transition from the period-3 ordered state to the(More)
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