Alain Lioret

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  • Alain Lioret
  • SIGGRAPH Electronic Art and Animation Catalog
  • 2005
This paper focuses on art created by new techniques such as cellular machines, L-Systems, genetic algorithms, neural networks ... We propose here several methods of implementation combining the rules of construction of cellular machines and L-Systems with genetic, neuronal networks, couplings, translation of codes. These methods result in the morphogenesis(More)
Art is often a question of representation. And representation of life is at the heart of artistic creation. If one dives into very small size scales (beyond the famous Planck constant), we can work on the representation of life at the atomic scale. As everyone knows, at this scale, it is not the principles of classical physics that apply, but those of(More)
Plants have a significant influence on human emotional and social life. We propose here an interactive experience between humans and living plants. In this paper, we focus on the manner of treating plants at the same level as a human being. Especially, we present our prototype, which allows us to visualize, at some moments a plant's biological reactions(More)
The research focuses on combination of novel technology and traditional art. In this paper, a novel interactive art installation (IAI) using user's thought to interact with a digital Chinese ink painting is introduced. Meanwhile, the final purpose of this research is to establish a link between novel technology and traditional arts and further to bring out(More)
This paper presents a work in progress, “The Body project”, concerning the development of an interactive virtual reality “artistic game” that takes place in the inner space of the human body. The human body is a particular “landscape”, intelligent not only during its natural state (alive), but also in its —(More)
In this paper, we try to present plants' own botanical abilities of perception in human-plant interactions. For this purpose, we treat plants as both initiator and subject for these interactions. We propose a simple system for monitoring and offering some plant feedback to various environmental factors. Our method augments the bioelectrical reactions of(More)