Alain Karneff

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A patient on methotrexate therapy for scleroderma developed four stress fractures within a period of 13 months. She was not on steroid therapy and had no risk factors for osteoporosis. A review of the literature found 13 cases of stress fractures under methotrexate therapy. Whether methotrexate can induce bone changes remains controversial.
The availability of multidisciplinary care for rheumatoid arthritis is still limited. The Raoul Dufy Program offered by the Saint-Antoine Teaching Hospital in Paris provides one-on-one personalized care in a day hospital setting as an adjunct to conventional medical follow-up. Listening and providing information and education are major objectives of the(More)
We present five cases of a distinctive type of longitudinal stress fracture of the upper femoral shaft in which the fracture line is parallel to the outer surface of the bone, in contrast to the perpendicular orientation to the cortical surface in previously reported cases of diaphyseal stress fractures. In two cases the fracture recurred after 15 and 18(More)
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