Alain Joel

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The first pan-European harmonized active epidemiological surveillance program on honeybee colony mortality (EPILOBEE) was set up across 17 European Member States to estimate honeybee colony mortality over winter and during the beekeeping season. In nine Member States, overwinter losses were higher and statistically different from the empirical level of 10 %(More)
  • A Joel, H Voigt
  • 1988
By means of venous-occlusion plethysmography in 40 patients (24 men, 16 women) with stasis of the axillary vein the venous return was measured. This was 62.3 +/- 21.5 ml/100 ml/min. on the healthy arm. Long-term venous thromboses had worse return values (43.7%) than short occlusions (71.6% of the healthy side). Responsible for the favourable late results,(More)
Issuing from the existence of selenium and its interactions with other elements its essentiality in biochemical processes of man was explained. In correspondence with other research teams also own results speak for a relative selenium deficiency in the Middle-European region. Alterations of the cell integrity caused by selenium deficiency may play a role in(More)
Out of the from angiological points of view most important inflammatory vascular diseases (obliterating endangiitis, giant cell arteriitis, Takayasu's disease) epidemiological data are compiled. Remarkable is the increasing part of female patients in endangiitis. Furthermore it is referred to the particular functional situation in these vascular diseases,(More)
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