Alain Janvresse

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OBJECTIVE To report our experience using rituximab as therapy for refractory antisynthetase syndrome (ASS)-associated interstitial lung disease. METHODS We retrospectively evaluated the medical records of 7 ASS patients with refractory interstitial lung disease, which had previously failed to respond to prednisone and/or other cytotoxic drugs. All 7(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the outcome of interstitial lung disease (ILD) in anti-Jo-1 patients with antisynthetase syndrome, determine predictive variables of ILD deterioration in these patients, and compare features of anti-Jo-1 patients with and without ILD. METHODS Ninety-one anti-Jo-1 patients were identified by medical records search in 4 medical centers.(More)
INTRODUCTION The aims of this study were to analyse the characteristics of patients with internal jugular venous thrombosis. We compared the characteristics of patients with internal jugular venous thrombosis with those of patients exhibiting upper extremity deep venous thrombosis (UEDVT) without internal jugular vein involvement. PATIENTS From 1998 to(More)
We conducted this retrospective study to determine the prevalence of giant cell arteritis (GCA) in patients exhibiting nonatherosclerotic upper and/or lower extremity arterial involvement and to evaluate the clinical features and long-term outcome of those patients.From January 1997 to March 2008, 36 consecutive patients in the Department of Internal(More)
Septic arthritis of spinal apophyseal joint, seldom described, mainly concern the lumbar spine. We report three cases. Inflammatory lesions of the paravertebral soft tissues were associated in each case; an epidural abscess was present twice. Our three cases were due to Staphylococcus aureus. The initial clinical features were consistent with a(More)
PURPOSE To determine clinical and radiological features, using computed tomography (CT-scan) in patients with aortic involvement related to giant cell arteritis (GCA), and to assess both clinical and CT-scan outcome after therapy institution. METHODS Aortic involvement due to GCA was investigated in all patients, using CT-scan at diagnosis, and at 3, 6(More)
 Objective. The objective of this work was to establish a reference population for the study of the sternoclavicular joint (SCJ). Design. A prospective study of the SCJ was carried out by high-resolution computed tomography (CT). CT images were read by two radiologists and two rheumatologists using a preestablished grid (27 elementary signs). Patients.(More)
To establish if CA 19-9 could detect early pancreatic cancer, we measured its serum concentration in 866 patients admitted for benign diseases and observed for 2 years. All patients with an elevated CA 19-9 level (greater than 40 units (U)/ml) were submitted to a computed tomography (CT) scan of the pancreas. The CA 19-9 level was increased in 117 patients.(More)
If an association between venous thromboembolism and malignancy is now well established, there is no consensus about the investigations which should be performed to detect occult malignancy after deep vein thrombosis episode. We investigated the usefulness of systematic abdomino-pelvic ultrasonography in 148 consecutive patients older than 40 with deep vein(More)