Alain Jacot-Descombes

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Photodensitometry is known to provide high spatial resolution and continuous measurement of optical density for the analysis of dental radiographs, whereas digitization allows powerful image manipulations but, when using conventional video cameras, gives less spatial resolution and fewer grey levels. The aim of this study was therefore to develop a(More)
Numerous images are produced daily in biomedical research. In order to extract relevant and useful results, various processing and analysis steps are mandatory. The present paper describes a new, powerful and user-friendly image analysis system: LaboImage. In addition to standard image processing modules. LaboImage also contains various specialized tools.(More)
A new, probabilistic approach for inferring 3-D volumetric primitives from a single 2-D view is presented. This recognition relies on the assumption that every object can be decomposed into component parts that belong to a finite set or alphabet of volumetric primitives (geons). For each possible primitive from the permissible set, a conditional probability(More)
The DVP project investigated the Quality of Service (QoS) requirements of broadcasters for several forms of distributed video production and run a series of trials of distributed virtual studios (studio on demand), distributed virtual reality, distributed musical rehearsals and distributed video editing and retrieval. The CUI of the University of Geneva(More)
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