Alain J Carter

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PURPOSE The efficacy of currently available topical hemostatic agents requires the formation of fibrin generated from circulating blood. Fibrin sealant, which is prepared from high concentrations of thrombin and fibrinogen, has been used in liquid form to promote hemostasis during vascular surgery. In a blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled fashion, we(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the possible adverse effects of human cross-linked hemoglobin in endotoxemia. DESIGN Prospective, controlled, laboratory trial. SETTING Animal research laboratory. SUBJECTS New Zealand white rabbits. INTERVENTIONS Conscious rabbits received intravenous infusions of either lipopolysaccharide (LPS) alone (10 micrograms/kg,(More)
A Bearded Collie was presented with clinical signs of intermittent weakness, intermittent pain in the back legs and a bilateral absence of the femoral pulse. Further diagnostic investigations revealed proteinuria, hypoproteinaemia, hyperlipidaemia and azotaemia. A quantitative estimation of the proteinuria using a protein/creatinine ratio indicated a loss(More)
A 9-year-old sterilised female domestic short-hair cat was referred with a history of vomiting and anorexia of 3 months' duration. Biochemistry, full-blood counts, thoracic radiographs, feline pancreatic-specific lipase, abdominal ultrasonography and feline immunodeficiency virus/feline leukaemia virus (FIV/FeLV) SNAP tests had been performed. Mild(More)
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