Alain Heuerding

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A lot of methods have been proposed – and sometimes implemented – for proof search in the propositional modal logics K, KT, and S4. It is difficult to compare the usefulness of these methods in practice, since in most cases no or only a few execution times have been published. We try to improve this unsatisfactory situation by presenting a set of benchmark(More)
The purpose of the paper is to present the Logics Workbench, an interactive system aiming to facilitate the access to logical formalisms for nonspecialists as well as specialists. It is an integrated system which provides a library of the most important propositional calculi and many algorithms in this area. Special emphasis is put on a clear design of the(More)
The modal logic literature is notorious for multiple axiomatisations of the same logic and for connicting overloading of axiom names. Many of the interesting interderivability results are still scattered over the often hard to obtain classics. We catalogue the most interesting axioms, their numerous variants, and explore the relationships between them in(More)
Imagine that you are not sure how the Hilbert-style calculus for S4 looks like, and somebody has taken your book about modal logics oo your desk. No problem if you have an internet access: Open in a WWW browser, search for Hilbert-style calculus in the chapter about S4, and after a few seconds you obtain the(More)
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