Alain Giraudeau

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Hybrid polyoxometalate-porphyrin copolymeric films are obtained by the electro-oxidation of zinc octaethylporphyrin (ZnOEP) and zinc 5,15-dipyridinium octaethylporphyrin (5,15-ZnOEP(py)(2)(2+)) in the presence of the polyoxometalate [MnMo(6)O(18){(OCH(2))(3)CNHCO(4-C(5)H(4)N)}(2)](3-) (Py-POM-Py). These films allow the photocatalytic reduction of(More)
The proximity of two or more porphyrin or chlorin-like structures has been shown to be crucial in numerous biological processes, such as electron transfers. The one-pot electrochemical synthesis of a dimeric tetraphenylporphyrin with one 1,2-(diphenylphosphonium)benzene as a spacer and of its porphyrin-monomer precursor are reported. These new compounds(More)
The anodic oxidation of a two bipyridiniums meso-substituted octaethylporphyrin leads to the coating of the working electrode by a cationic polymeric film. Description of the formation and morphological properties of this conducting film are presented along with the electrochemical synthesis of the initial porphyrinic subunit used as monomer for the(More)
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