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Hematite (a-Fe 2 O 3) has demonstrated value as an important material component in several advanced technological applications, including heterogeneous catalysis, [1] photoelec-trochemistry, [2,3] dyes and stains, [4] magnetic data storage, [5] and room-temperature magnetic semiconductors. [6,7] The structure and properties of hematite also have critical(More)
We have studied the π − capture in nuclei leading to two photons, using improved many body methods which have been tested with success in one photon π − radiative capture, µ − capture and ν scattering. The qualitative features of the experimental data are reproduced but there are still some disagreement at small relative photon angles. The reaction is a(More)
We study the relationships of the 27-day variations of the galactic cosmic ray (GCR) intensity and anisotropy with the 27-day variations of the solar wind (SW) velocity, Wolf number (Rz) and interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) strength for different positive (A > 0) and negative (A < 0) polarity periods of the solar magnetic cycles based on the experimental(More)
Common sunflower (i.e., Helianthus annuus) is occasionally crossed with other Helianthus species to gain favourable agronomic traits. An interspecific cross between H. annuus and Helianthus mollis was used to examine events that occurred during the five first generations. First generation hybrid plants were verified using GISH, and F1 hybrid (#17) was(More)
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