Alain Francis Talla

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In this paper, we investigate the phenomenon of phase-locking in laser-based optoelectronic oscillators from the point of view of nonlinear dynamics. We provide a theoretical and experimental analysis of the phase dynamics of these oscillators when driven by an external voltage in the intermediate frequency range. This configuration leads to phase-locking(More)
In this article, we investigate the dynamical behavior of breathers in optoelectronic oscillators from the standpoint of mixed-mode oscillations. In the phase space, these breathers are composite oscillations that are damped to the attractive branches of an invariant manifold. Our study shows that the emergence of breather dynamics is linked to the(More)
We investigate the temporal dynamics of a multinonlinear electrooptical system with delayed feedback. We show that when a self-sustained electronic oscillator is introduced in the electric path of the feedback loop, a wide variety of complex periodic and chaotic states can be excited. In particular, the chaotic breather and pulse-package oscillations with(More)
  • Géraud. R. Goune Chengui, Jimmi H. Talla Mbé, Alain Francis Talla, Paul Woafo, Yanne K. Chembo
  • IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics
  • 2018
We present a theoretical and experimental study of a low-frequency optoelectronic oscillator featuring both laser-diode and Van der Pol-like nonlinearities. In this architecture, the device performing the electrical-to-optical conversion is the laser-diode itself instead of an external electro-optical modulator, while the electric branch of the oscillator(More)
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