Alain E. Kaloyeros

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Invited Paper Twenty-first century opportunities for GSI will be governed in part by a hierarchy of physical limits on interconnects whose levels are codified as fundamental, material, device, circuit, and system. Fundamental limits are derived from the basic axioms of electromagnetic , communication, and thermodynamic theories, which im-mutably restrict(More)
Use of wafer bonding technology is a promising approach to 3-D integration, which aims to alleviate future Cu/low-k interconnect bottlenecks and enables multifunctional system integration. This paper describes a specific approach, incorporating wafer alignment and wafer bonding of two 200 mm silicon wafers, along with subsequent processing steps. Our(More)
The relative adhesion of two genetically engineered polypeptides termed as H6-(YEHK)x21-H6 and C6-(YEHK)X21-H6 has been investigated following growth and self-assembly on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite (HOPG), SiO 2 , Ni, and Au substrates to study covalent surface attachment via histidine (H) and cysteine (C) groups incorporated in the polypeptides.(More)
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