Alain Dufaux

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This paper addresses the problem of automatic detection and recognition of impulsive sounds, such as glass breaks, human screams, gunshots, explosions or door slams. A complete detection and recognition system is described and evaluated on a sound database containing more than 800 signals distributed among six different classes. Emphasis is set on robust(More)
This thesis is dedicated to the development of automatic methods for detecting and recognizing wideband impulsive sounds. An extensive database with more than 1000 sound samples has been built. This database is made of 10 diversified sound classes connected with surveillance and security applications: door slams, glass breaks, human screams, explosions,(More)
This paper investigates the influence of GSM speech coding on text independent speaker recognition performance. The three existing GSM speech coder standards were considered. The whole TIMIT database was passed through these coders, obtaining three transcoded databases. In a first experiment, it was found that the use of GSM coding degrades significantly(More)
A real-time HMM-based isolated word recognition system is implemented on an ultra low-power miniature DSP system. The DSP system consumes less than 1 milliWatt, much less than what is considered today as “low-resource”. It has a very small footprint and requires only a single hearing aid sized 1 volt battery. The efficient implementation of(More)
Line Spectrum Pair (LSP) representation of Linear Predictive Coding (LPC) parameters is widely used in speech coding applications. An efficient method for LPC to LSP conversion is Kabal’s method. In this method the LSPs are the roots of two polynomials P'p(x) and Q'p(x), and are found by a zero crossing search followed by successive bisections and(More)
This paper proposes an obstacle detection system for the purpose of preventing accidents at level crossings. In order to avoid the limits of already proposed technologies, this system uses stereo cameras to detect and localize multiple targets at the level crossing. In a first step, a background subtraction module is performed using the Color Independent(More)
We have investigated the influence of GSM speech coding in the performance of a text-independent speaker recognition system based on Gaussian Mixture Models (GMM). The performance degradation due to the utilization of the three GSM speech coders was assessed, using three trans-coded databases, obtained by passing the TIMIT through each GSM coder / decoder.(More)
Electronic stethoscopes are able to offer signal amplification and other benefits over traditional stethoscopes. However, many electronic stethoscopes rely on a personal computer for their signal processing, which reduces portability and requires a relatively large amount of power. This paper presents a low power, portable electronic stethoscope system that(More)
Improving transport users’ safety is one of the main priorities of research into transport system attractiveness. Level crossings are one of the most critical weak point involving road and rail users’ infrastructure. They have become increasingly dangerous and unsafe due to road and railway users’ behavior. Furthermore, rail and highway safety professionals(More)