Alain Delacroix

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Fixation of heavy metal ions (Cd(II) and Pb(II)) onto sawdust of Pinus sylvestris is presented in this paper. Batch experiments were conducted to study the main parameters such as adsorbent concentration, initial adsorbate concentration, contact time, kinetic, pH solution, and stirring velocity on the sorption of Cd(II) and Pb(II) by sawdust of P.(More)
In a closed economy general equilibrium model, Hopenhayn and Rogerson (1993) find large welfare gains to removing firing restrictions. We explore the extent to which international trade alters this result. When economies trade, labor market policies in one country spill over to other countries through their effect on the terms of trade. A key finding in the(More)
We study a large market with directed search and signaling. Each seller chooses an investment that determines the quality of the good which is the seller’s private information. A seller also chooses the price of the good and the number of selling sites. After observing sellers’ choices of prices and sites, but not quality, buyers choose which site to visit.(More)
We find that, across OECD countries, there is a strong link between the rate of self employment and the intensity of both productand labor-market regulations. The sensitivity of the self-employment rate to regulation appears greater in terms of statistical significance and magnitude than the sensitivity of unemployment. We then develop a model of rent(More)
There is more resistance to layo¤s in continental Europe than in the U.S. At the same time, there is some evidence that employed European workers are more productive than their American counterparts. We reconcile these two facts by proposing that some institutions, such as Employment Protection Legislation (EPL), induce workers to invest in and develop job(More)
Layoff Costs and Efficiency with Asymmetric Information Wage determination under asymmetric information generates inefficiencies due to excess turnover. Severance pay and layoff taxes can improve efficiency. We show that inefficient separations can even be fully removed with fixed separation taxes in the case where the relevant private information is(More)
This paper describes an automated reactor in which reactions can be carried out using at least one gaseous reagent and one liquid reagent at a pressure ofup to 5 bar. The reactor was used to produce a hydrogenation reaction, in which system all operations, i.e. introduction of liquids and gases, control and regulation of pressure, temperature and volume of(More)