Alain Dauron

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Model-Based Powertrain Control: Many Uses, No abuse — Many meanings exist behind this expression. We have conducted a mini-survey to confirm and describe this diversity. “Models” mainly stands for powertrain-models or Engine Management System (EMS) models. Uses are also very diverse, from upstream design activity to final software validation, through Model(More)
We present in this paper an experience in modeling a family of parking brake systems, with shared assets and alternative solutions, and relate them to the needs of Renault in terms of variability management. The models are realized using a set of customized tools for model based systems engineering and variability management, based on SysML models. The(More)
Systems engineering enables the successful realization of systems, focusing on defining customer needs early in the development cycle. However, when the development of systems needs to rely on legacy designs there is little methodological support. Furthermore, in the automotive domain, product diversity increases system complexity so much, that reuse(More)
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