Alain Clément

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Measurement of fresh tomato fruit overall quality, and particularly lycopene content, is challenging in the context of high-volume production. An experiment was conducted to simultaneously measure various quality parameters of tomato in a nondestructive manner using vis-NIR reflectance spectroscopy and chemometrics. The sampling set included different(More)
The problem of sizing an electricity storage for a 5000 inhabitants island supplied by both marine renewables (offshore wind and waves) and the mainland grid is addressed by a case study based on a full year resource and consumption data. Generators , transmission lines and battery storage are accounted for through basic simplified models while the focus is(More)
Standard methods for determining quality and maturity are time- and labor-consuming and generally measure individual criteria at a specific time, without considering relationships among quality parameters. To propose a rapid and nondestructive analysis method describing multidimensional quality variables, an experiment was undertaken with mature green to(More)
In this paper, we present a new method to compare and improve algorithms for feature detection in neonatal EEG. The method is based on the algorithm׳s ability to compute accurate statistics to predict the results of EEG visual analysis. This method is implemented inside a Java software called EEGDiag, as part of an e-health Web portal dedicated to neonatal(More)
This paper is devoted to the computational nonlinear stochastic homogenization of a hyperelastic heterogeneous microstructure using a non-concurrent multiscale approach. The geometry of the microstructure is random. The non-concurrent multiscale approach for micro-macro nonlinear mechanics is extended to the stochastic case. Since the non-concurrent(More)
This paper is devoted to a computational stochastic multiscale analysis of nonlinear structures made up of heterogeneous hyperelastic materials. At the microscale level, the nonlinear constitutive equation of the material is characterized by a stochastic potential for which a polynomial chaos representation is used. The geometry of the microstructure is(More)
We say that a space X admits a homology exponent if there exists an exponent for the torsion subgroup of H(X; Z). Our main result states if an H-space of finite type admits a homology exponent, then either it is, up to 2-completion, a product of spaces of the form BZ/2r, S1, CP, and K(Z, 3), or it has infinitely many nontrivial homotopy groups and(More)
A new wave energy converter (WEC), called SEAREV, is presented. The mathematical models and numerical simulators that have been developped, both in frequency and time domains, to assess the electricity production on a given test site are described. Genetic algorithm using these numerical models have then been implemented in order to optimize the shape and(More)