Alain Christian

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The mechanical laws which make possible several characteristic and well-known modes of primate locomotion are reviewed. Biological requirements are fulfilled in small and in large primates by utilizing different mechanical principles. On the basis of the mechanics, special morphological traits can be identified which are advantageous for performing these(More)
The mechanical requirements for arboreal life are reviewed and the constraints which these requirements impose on the body of a prosimian are defined. The mechanical necessities can be fulfilled only by animals which possess the appropriate morphological characters. It is incorrect to refer to these morphological traits directly as 'adaptations'. Instead(More)
We have fabricated a low-cost disposable polymerase chain reaction thermal chamber that uses buoyancy forces to move the sample solution between the different temperatures necessary for amplification. Three-dimensional, unsteady finite element modeling and a simpler 1-D steady-state model are used together with digital particle image velocimetry data to(More)
This paper present a sonar system modeled after human spatial hearing and echolocating bats. It’s composed of three transducers, one transmitter which plays the role of the mouth of the bat that transmits echolocating signal and two receivers located respectively near the left ear and the right ear so as to mimic human ears configuration. Inaudible(More)
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