Alain Chevrot

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STUDY DESIGN Prospective randomized study to compare the efficacy of facet joint injection with lidocaine and facet joint injection with saline in two groups of patients with low back pain, with and without clinical criteria that were determined in a previous study to implicate the facet joint as the primary source of the pain. OBJECTIVES To assess the(More)
Degeneration of the intervertebral disk (IVD) is a major pathological process implicated in low back pain and is a prerequisite to disk herniation. Although mechanical stress is an important modulator of the degeneration, the underlying molecular mechanism remains unclear. The association of human IVD degeneration, assessed by magnetic resonance imaging,(More)
BACKGROUND The osteoarticular and soft tissue structures of the hand may be involved in systemic sclerosis (SSc), causing functional disability. OBJECTIVE To assess radiological hand features in a cross sectional study of SSc patients and in controls. METHODS Hand radiology was done systematically in patients with SSc seen over a two year period and in(More)
Radiographic findings include supraacetabular bone erosions, subchondral acetabular cysts, soft tissue masses with or without radiolucent inclusions representing nitrogen gas, joint space narrowing, and abnormal hip configuration. Associated tears of the acetabular labrum were confirmed by arthrography in two patients. Computed tomography and magnetic(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to describe the sonographic appearance of the first annular (A1) pulley-flexor tendon complex in patients with trigger fingers. METHODS Thirty-three trigger fingers in 33 patients were examined with a 7- to 15-MHz probe. A control group consisted of 20 patients without trigger fingers. The study included systematic(More)
The authors studied 577 records of rheumatoid arthritis examined radiologically in the Department of Radiology B of Cochin Hospital: 165 patients showed evidence of lesions of the cervical spine. The risk of cervical involvement in rheumatoid arthritis is thus not negligeable: 28%. This involvement may occur at any time during the course of the disease and(More)
PURPOSE To report the magnetic resonance (MR) imaging features of finger hemangiomas. MATERIALS AND METHODS Sixteen patients clinically suspected of having hemangioma of the finger underwent 1.5-T MR imaging with a customized local gradient coil. The location, size, margins, signal intensity, and enhancement patterns of the lesions were noted. In(More)
PURPOSE To prospectively evaluate the accuracy of contrast material-enhanced magnetic resonance (MR) angiography in the evaluation of vascular invasion by bone and soft-tissue tumors, with surgery serving as the reference standard. MATERIALS AND METHODS This study was approved by the regional ethics committee, and all patients gave informed consent.(More)
Lumbar facet joint (LFJ) arthrography with intraarticular injections of long-acting steroids and local anesthetics is routinely used for therapeutic purposes in selected patients for relief of low back pain. The procedure may also be used for diagnostic reasons to establish the source of such pain. However, because direct access to the LFJ space is not(More)
UNLABELLED The progression of joint space narrowing (JSN) is considered to be the best available marker of osteoarthritis (OA) progression. Several techniques have been proposed for the measurement of joint space at its narrowest point in OA of the hips and knees. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the properties of the technique using an electronic caliper for the(More)