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In forest ecosystems, the level of biodiversity is strongly linked to dead wood and tree microhabitats. To evaluate the influence of current forest management on the availability of dead wood and on the abundance and distribution of microhabitats, we studied the volume and diversity of dead wood objects and the distribution and frequency of cavities,(More)
Recent studies have highlighted the key role of tree microhabitats in forest habitat complexity and have suggested using them as surrogates for local taxonomic biodiversity. However, few practical guidelines have been published to help foresters in managing microhabitats at the stand scale. This paper provides scientific background information to help to(More)
European forest managers are implementing set-aside measures in managed forests to restore key structures for forest biodiversity such as tree-related microhabitats (TreMs). However, the time required to regenerate these structures is little known. We assessed the patterns of thirteen TreM types on 282 plots in 24 lowland forests in southwestern France. We(More)
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