Alain C. Houle

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  • A Houle
  • American journal of physical anthropology
  • 1999
This paper evaluates whether 1) protoplatyrrhines could have migrated to South America via Antarctica, and 2) the floating island model is a plausible transoceanic mode of dispersal for land vertebrates like protoplatyrrhines. Results show that Eocene Antarctica and Australia supported large and dense forests, and that the Antarctic fauna was comprised of(More)
1. We examined mechanisms of coexistence between two congeneric species of frugivorous primates, the blue monkey (Cercopithecus mitis) and the red-tailed monkey (C. ascanius). 2. We used giving-up densities (the amount of food which animals leave in a patch) in fruit trees to measure foraging efficiency and to evaluate possible mechanisms of coexistence.(More)
We tested the hypothesis that fruit quantity and quality vary vertically within trees. We quantified intratree fruit production before exploitation by frugivores at different heights in 89 trees from 17 species fed on by primates in Kibale National Park, Uganda. We also conducted a pilot study to determine if the nutritional value of fruit varied within(More)
Even if both traditional centralized and decentralized models can support small conferences, their deployment for large number of participants is less obvious. In fact, while server-based centralized conference facilitates control and administration operations, supporting centralized media processing in large scale conference causes system overhead on the(More)
Cell aggregates of bovine parathyroid tissue were prepared by limited collagenase digestion and placed in culture in Weymouth's MB752/1 (calcium = 3.3 mg/100 ml) containing 5% fetal bovine serum and supplemented with insulin alone, or insulin, hydrocortisone, transferrin and epidermal growth factor. Only insulin was required for the maintenance of PTH(More)
Recently, we demonstrated that the highest densities of fruit pulp are located in the uppermost zones of tree crowns. Since heterogeneous distributions of depletable food is theorized to foster contest competition, we tested three hypotheses involving rank differences among species of arboreal frugivores: (1) In the absence of competitors, species tend to(More)
Primate ecological studies can benefit from accessing the canopy to estimate intra-tree and inter-tree variation in food availability and nutrient value, patch and subpatch depletion, foraging efficiency, as well as nest structure and nesting behaviors, parasitic transmission and predator detectability. We compare several ways to access the canopy and(More)
In the last few years, we saw the emergence of voice-over-IP (VoIP) protocols to enable low-cost telephony services. While VoIP providers are rapidly growing market share against public switched telephone network (PSTN), these technologies are lacking mobile support. We believe that mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) may offer a good platform for the fast(More)