Alain Bouscayrol

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—With the advent of more stringent regulations related to emissions, fuel economy, and global warming, as well as energy resource constraints, electric, hybrid, and fuel-cell vehicles have attracted increasing attention from vehicle constructors, governments , and consumers. Research and development efforts have focused on developing advanced powertrains(More)
—This paper deals with a vector control of n-phase permanent magnet synchronous machine. To use control algorithms already developed for sine-wave 3-phase machines, the spectrum of back electromotive force (EMF) must contain only odd 2k+1 harmonics which verify the following inequality, n k < + ≤ 1 2 1. In an experimental vector control of a 5-phase drive,(More)
A multi-machine multi-converter system formalism has been proposed to describe systems composed of several electrical machines and converters. This description points out coupling elements, which have to distribute energy. Control structures have already been proposed for systems with downstream coupling. This paper is focused on control structures for(More)
– In this paper a photovoltaic (PV) energy conversion system is simulated jointly with its control. The simulation of the system is developed for testing control algorithm before a real-time implementation. The control part is developed using MATLAB/Simulink in order to ensure a direct generation of the real-time code for the dSPACE control board. The(More)