Alain Bouscayrol

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With the advent of more stringent regulations related to emissions, fuel economy, and global warming, as well as energy resource constraints, electric, hybrid, and fuel-cell vehicles have attracted increasing attention from vehicle constructors, governments, and consumers. Research and development efforts have focused on developing advanced powertrains and(More)
This paper deals with a vector control of n-phase permanent magnet synchronous machine. To use control algorithms already developed for sine-wave 3-phase machines, the spectrum of back electromotive force (EMF) must contain only odd 2k+1 harmonics which verify the following inequality, 1 /spl les/ 2k+1 < n. In an experimental vector control of a 5-phase(More)
The Energetic Macroscopic Representation (EMR) has been developed in 2000 to develop control of electric drives. Since 2002 this graphical tool has been introduced to teach drive control in France, then Canada, Switzerland and China. The University of Lille proposes two drive control units using EMR for students in electrical engineering: initiation level(More)
The storage system in this paper is made of supercapacitors. The main goal is to ensure an efficient energy management in a series hybrid vehicle, even if braking resistors are still needed. Design considerations are discussed. In particular the influence of the inductor resistance on the system stability is described. A maximum control structure is then(More)
Certain difficulties arise when attempting to model a clutch in a power train transmission due to its nonlinear behavior. Two different states have to be taken into account—the first being when the clutch is locked and the second being when the clutch is slipping. In this paper, a clutch model is developed using the Energetic Macroscopic Representation,(More)