Alain Boudinet

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The lungs are a frequent target of metastatic breast cancer cells, but the underlying molecular mechanisms are unclear. All existing data were obtained either using statistical association between gene expression measurements found in primary tumors and clinical outcome, or using experimentally derived signatures from mouse tumor models. Here, we describe a(More)
Flat epithelial atypia (FEA) is a borderline lesion that might represent an early stage in the development of certain low-grade carcinomas in situ and invasive cancers. There are no guidelines on its management. Our objectives were to determine the upgrade to malignancy rate and identify a subpopulation of patients that might undergo just mammographic(More)
Thirty-one primary breast cancer patients were evaluated by radioimmunolymphoscintigraphy (RILS) and ex vivo scintigraphy (EVS) following subcutaneous injection of human monoclonal antibody In-111-LiLo-16.88. Lymph nodes (370) were assessed by EVS, pathology and immunohistochemistry. The positive predictive value (EVS) for antigen positive nodes, metastatic(More)
Twenty patients undergoing gastrointestinal surgery were randomly allocated to receive either 1 or 2 g of ceftriaxone, a long half-life third generation cephalosporin, as a single dose intravenous prophylaxis on induction of anaesthesia. Plasma and tissue samples were taken 2 hours and analysed with an HPLC procedure. The results of plasma and tissue(More)
BACKGROUND Several reports have shown a prolonged survival after surgical treatment of pulmonary metastases from soft tissue sarcomas. However, it is still unclear which prognostic factors predict a favorable outcome. Series are not comparable and the data are conflicting. Therefore, a multi-institutional study was undertaken to analyze prognostic factors(More)
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