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It is perhaps difficult to recall how new the treatment of the first 1992-1993 two-volume edition [2] was in using the modern functional analytically oriented PDE theory of evolution equations (as well as a corresponding semi-group treatment of delay equations) to present a treatment of topics that had only recently obtained a satisfactory formulation. The(More)
Botnets are networks of computers infected with malicious programs that allow cybercriminals/botnet herders to control the infected machines remotely without the user's knowledge. In many cases, botnet herders are motivated by economic incentives and try to significantly profit from illegal botnet activity while causing significant economic damage to(More)
Cloud computing has been a paradigm shift in the information technology domain. It offers potential benefits to users in terms of instant availability, scalability and resource sharing, while potentially posing security issues. Especially, recent events like Amazons system failure increased the concerns related to cloud computing<sup>1</sup>. Given these(More)
In many inventory control contexts, inventory levels are only partially (i.e., not fully) observed. This may be due to non-observation of demand, spoilage, misplacement, or theft of inventory. We study a partially observed inventory system where the demand is not observed, inventory level is noticed when it reaches zero, the unmet demand is lost, and(More)