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This article presents the CODYRUN software developped by University of La Réunion. It is a multizone thermal software, with detailled airflow and humidity transfer calculations. One of its specific aspects is that it constitutes a research tool, a design tool used by the lab and professionnals and also a teaching tool. After a presentation of the multiple(More)
In detailled buiding simulation models, airflow modelling and solving are still open and crucial problems, specially in the case of open buildings as encountered in tropical climates. As a consequence, wind speed conditioning indoor thermal comfort or energy needs in case of air conditionning are uneasy to predict. A first part of the problem is the lack of(More)
This paper presents the coupling of a building thermal simulation code with genetic algorithms (GAs). GAs are randomized search algorithms that are based on the mechanisms of natural selection and genetics. We show that this coupling allows the location of defective sub-models of a building thermal model i.e. parts of model that are responsible for the(More)
Since naturally ventilated buildings respond to site conditions and microclimate, there is no " one set of specific criteria " for every naturally ventilated building. So natural ventilation should be optimized to deal with thermal comfort in passive buildings during hot season. For this aim, we will propose a new method to reduce the number of independent(More)
Les dispositifs Mur Trombe ont fait l'objet de nombreuses études en climat tempéré et ont prouvé leur efficacité en tant que système de chauffage passif. Vis à vis du détail de la modélisation associée, un couplage fin (car faisant intervenir plusieurs modes de transfert) entre la pièce et le dispositif est nécessaire. Avec CODYRUN développé à l'Université(More)
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