Alain Aspect

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We report the realization of a Bose-Einstein condensate of metastable atoms (helium in the lowest triplet state). The excitation energy of each atom with respect to the ground state is 20 electron volts, but inelastic processes that would destroy the sample are suppressed strongly enough in a spin-polarized sample to allow condensation. Our detection scheme(More)
In 1958, Anderson predicted the localization of electronic wavefunctions in disordered crystals and the resulting absence of diffusion. It is now recognized that Anderson localization is ubiquitous in wave physics because it originates from the interference between multiple scattering paths. Experimentally, localization has been reported for light waves,(More)
We report an almost ideal realization of wheeler's "delayed-choice" experiment where the light pulses are true single photons, allowing unambiguous which-way measurements. The clock-triggered single-photon source at the heart of the experiment, previously developed for quantum key distribution, is based on the pulsed, optically excited photoluminescence of(More)
We have studied two-body correlations of atoms in an expanding cloud above and below the Bose-Einstein condensation threshold. The observed correlation function for a thermal cloud shows a bunching behavior, whereas the correlation is flat for a coherent sample. These quantum correlations are the atomic analog of the Hanbury Brown Twiss effect. We observed(More)
We report in situ measurements of density fluctuations in a quasi-one-dimensional 87Rb Bose gas at thermal equilibrium in an elongated harmonic trap. We observe an excess of fluctuations compared to the shot-noise level expected for uncorrelated atoms. At low atomic density, the measured excess is in good agreement with the expected "bunching" for an ideal(More)
We report on the direct observation of coherent backscattering (CBS) of ultracold atoms in a quasi-two-dimensional configuration. Launching atoms with a well-defined momentum in a laser speckle disordered potential, we follow the progressive build up of the momentum scattering pattern, consisting of a ring associated with multiple elastic scattering, and(More)
We measure the angular divergence of a quasicontinuous, rf-outcoupled, free-falling atom laser as a function of the outcoupling frequency. The data are compared to a Gaussian-beam model of laser propagation that generalizes the standard formalism of photonic lasers. Our treatment includes diffraction, magnetic lensing, and interaction between the atom laser(More)
We report an experiment measuring simultaneously the temperature and the flux of ions produced by a cloud of triplet metastable helium atoms at the Bose-Einstein critical temperature. The onset of condensation is revealed by a sharp increase of the ion flux during evaporative cooling. Combining our measurements with previous measurements of ionization in a(More)
We report an experimental test of quantum complementarity with single-photon pulses sent into a Mach-Zehnder interferometer with an output beam splitter of adjustable reflection coefficient R. In addition, the experiment is realized in Wheeler's delayed-choice regime. Each randomly set value of R allows us to observe interference with visibility V and to(More)