Alae Guerrouani

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Severe hyperparathyroidism can affect bone metabolism and be in the origine of multiple brown tumours (generalized osteitis fibrosa cystica). When associated with fibro-ossifying tumours of the jaw, it realizes a rare genetic syndrome referred as Hyperparathyroidism-jaw tumour HPT-JT. We report the case of a patient we treated for HPT-JT, and literature(More)
Introduction. The aim of this study was to assess the complications resulting from third molar extraction under general anesthesia. Material and Methods. The retrospective study included all patients who underwent impacted third molars extraction from January 2008 until December 2011. 7659 third molars were extracted for 2112 patients. Postoperative(More)
This paper focuses on the case of intrabony mandibular schwannoma in a 39 yrs healthy male who was addressed by his dentist for an asymptomatic radiolucency of the left mandibular corpus. Computed Tomography Dentascan showed a soft tumour continuous to the path of the inferior alveolar nerve. Confirmation was made after surgical excision and careful(More)
Introduction: Pathological fractures of the mandible are rare. They account for approximately 2% of all mandibular fractures. The main purpose of the study is to report our experience concerning this condition and to analyse data and review the literature available. Material and methods: This study reviewed retrospectively the records of patients who(More)
Sarcomatoid carcinoma is a very rare malignant and aggressive tumor that can involve the maxillary sinus. We report the case of a 46 y/o male who presented a tumor of the right maxillary sinus with extension to the right nasal cavity. The diagnosis of sarcomatoid carcinoma was set by histology and immunohistochemistry. The patient received concomitant(More)
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