Alaattin Sayin

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When a muscle cannot maintain the sustained contraction against a certain force level, this situation points out the onset of muscle fatigue. In many bio-mechanical studies, it is pursued to determine the fatigue by using electromyography signals, but none of them is capable of characterizing the fatigue in a quantitative manner. The need for determination(More)
While an extensive palette of sound and visual generation techniques have been developed during the era of digital signal processing, the design of innovative virtual instruments has come to dramatic fruition over the last decade. The use of measured biological signals to drive these instruments proposes some new and powerful tools for clinical, scientific(More)
The main propose of suspension systems is to isolate car body motion from the road excitations and improve the ride comfort. Hence, to control of suspension system is important both comfort and road holding. The aim of this study is to design Sliding Mode Controller tuned by Genetic Algorithm (GA) for providing smooth vertical motion of car body. Sliding(More)
Muscle fatigue and early tiredness are among the common findings of many conditions that affect neural and muscular systems. Quantitative measurement of muscle fatigue and its possible result, tiredness may provide an objective criterion for the follow-up and observation of the patient's treatment stages. In this work, a method is presented to evaluate the(More)
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