Alaattin Ozturk

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BACKGROUND Liver transplantation is an accepted effective therapy for patients with diseases that lead to hepatic failure. In addition to vascular, rejection-related, biliary, and lymphoproliferative complications, posttransplantation fluid collections, such as hematomas, seromas, bilomas, localized ascites, and abscesses can affect graft survival. In this(More)
AIMS Splenic artery steal syndrome, a common complication in liver transplantation, is diagnosed by conventional angiography showing an enlarged splenic artery and by dynamic findings. The aim of this study was to determine multidetector computed tomographic angiography (MDCTA) findings of splenic artery steal syndrome to develop diagnostic criteria. (More)
AIMS The aim of this study was to evaluate the accuracy of multidetector computed tomographic angiography (MDCTA) for detecting hepatic artery complications after liver transplantation. METHODS Between July 2001 and September 2006, 212 patients underwent liver transplantation including 110 (41 female and 69 male patients); of mean age, 24 years (range=6(More)
Loss of heel pad elasticity has been suggested as one of the possible explanations of heel pain. This study aimed to determine the effect of heel pad thickness and its compressibility to heel pressure distribution, in 47 (94 feet) normal subjects and 59 (94 feet) patients with heel pain, using radiological measurements and EMED-SF (Novel, Munich) plantar(More)
Gastritis cystica profunda (GCP) is a rare submucosal benign gastric lesion. Its etiology is not clear, but the most important cause is prior gastric surgery. GCP can be mistaken for other gastric masses because it generally cannot be diagnosed preoperatively. There is no consensus on treatment of these lesions. Its surgeries range from simple submucosal(More)
OBJECTIVE To illustrate and emphasize the need for keeping scar endometrioma in mind in order to facilitate an early diagnosis in cases of a mass detected on the abdominal wall in women who have undergone a cesarean section. STUDY DESIGN Records of 21 patients were reviewed retrospectively. All the patients complained of a mass on the abdominal wall and(More)
The aim of this study is to assess the effect of ozone gas in the treatment of anorectal fistulae. The tip of a 20 G intravenous cannula was inserted from the fistula orifice. Medical ozone was introduced into the fistula. A total of 10 sessions of ozone gas insufflation was performed on alternate days. Treatment was considered to be successful if fistula(More)
Echinococcus granulosus infrequently induces spinal hydatid cysts, and intradural hydatid cysts are extremely rare among these spinal hydatid cysts. We report a 30-year-old man with a history of progressive back pain caused by a previous back injury. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed a spinal intradural cystic lesion. After surgical removal,(More)
TRANSPLANTATION RECIPIENTS. A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF DEXA AND ULTRASOUND MEASUREMENTS. S.Banolone, N.Morabito, L.Bartolone, D.Larosa, SPansera, N.Frisina. Dipartimento di Madicina Iutema 9 Terapia Medica, Universita di Medina. Background. Kidney transplantation recipients are patients at high risk for bone mineral density (BMD) loss and bone fractures, due to(More)
BONE MINERAL DENSITY IN RATS WITH OVARIECTOMYINDUCED OSTEOPENIA. C. Matte!, A. Barbier, C. Vernhet, F. Anglade, O. Perrault, F. Lacheretz. Sanofi Recherche, Department of General Pharmacology, Montpellier, France. This study evaluated the effect of long-term oral administration of tiludronate on ovariectomy (OVX)-induced osteopenia in the aged rat. Bone(More)