Alaaeldin M. Hafez

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Several algorithms have been introduced for mining frequent itemsets. The recent datasettransformation approach suffers either from the possible increasing in the number of structures that could be produced through the execution of the algorithm or from the problem of the processing time in either projecting or decomposing the datasets. Moreover, the(More)
This paper proposes a novel research dimension in the field of data mining, which is mining the future data before its arrival, or in other words: predicting association rules ahead before the arrival of the data. To achieve that, we need only predict the itemsets' support, upon which association rules could be easily produced. A time series analysis(More)
For objects stored in long-term digital archives, checking the integrity of the information stored is a prime necessity in the field of secure storage systems. Objects in a digital archive may include documents, images, databases, ..., etc. In a long-term archive those objects could be transferred in many various ways. In many cases, users are required to(More)
In this paper we propose a lip reading recognition technique designed to be a part of a surveillance system and will be used for physical security. The proposed technique would be used for security issues using motion estimation analysis, applying a new five step search block matching algorithm.. The proposed technique is characterized by high speed(More)
Association Mining, a class of data mining techniques, is one of the most researched field in data mining, where algorithms are designed to discover rules that reflect dependencies among values of an attribute. Because of the vast amounts of data that businesses store, most association mining algorithms are computationally expensive, where many passes over(More)
Recently, with companies and government agencies saving large repositories of time stream/temporal data, there is a large push for adapting association rule mining algorithms for dynamic, targeted querying. In addition, issues with data processing latency and results depreciating in value with the passage of time, create a need for swifter and more(More)
Integrity and authentication of long-term stored information are important issues that should be considered in secure storage systems. Digital archived information may include different types of objects with different representation, such as, documents, images and database tables. Authenticity of such information should be verified, especially when it(More)
Populations are genetically structured into distinct subpopulations. The analysis of population structure is the grouping of individuals into subpopulations based on their genetic data. One of the major challenges in population structure analysis is how to handle the high dimensionality of genetic datasets considering that hundreds of thousands of markers.(More)