Alaa S. Khedr

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3-Bromomethyl-propyphenazone (BMP) was used as a derivatization reagent for the detection and quantification of captopril (CAP) and hydrochlorothiazide (HCT) by high performance liquid chromatography using Zorbax C8 column, and 0.05M sodium acetate, acetonitrile, methanol (14:17:4; pH 6.5) as mobile phase system with UV-detection at 254 nm. The cited(More)
A simple and accurate thin-layer chromatographic (TLC) method for quantitative determination of amantadine hydrochloride (AMD) was developed and validated. The method employed TLC aluminum plates pre-coated with silica gel 60F-254 as a stationary phase. The solvent system used for development consisted of n-hexane-methanol-diethylamine (80: 40: 5, v/v/v).(More)
Marine sponges represent an affluent source of biogenetically unprecedented array of biologically active compounds. This study revealed the isolation of ten compounds from marine sponge of Petrosia sp. Their chemical structures were determined by using 1D and 2D NMR, UV, IR and MS measurements. A polyoxygenated steroid (3β,7β,9α-trihydroxycholest-5-en (1),(More)
Famprofazone (1) metabolites were studied in human urine after medication by 50 mg oral dose. The human urine was collected over 48 h from six volunteers at time intervals of 6, 12, 24 and 48 h. The amount of famprofazone metabolites were recovered from the urine samples by application of Extrelut extraction method. The resultant extracts were derivatized(More)
OBJECTIVES To optimize and use of glimepiride (GMD)-loaded self-nanoemulsifying delivery systems (SNEDs) for the preparation of transdermal patches. METHODS Mixture design was utilized to optimize GMD-loaded SNEDs in acidic and aqueous pH media. Optimized GMD-loaded SNEDs were used in the preparation of chitosan (acidic) and hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose(More)
A rapid spectrophotometric procedure for the determination of isoprenaline salts, levodopa, dopamine hydrochloride, and dobutamine hydrochloride, either in the drug substances or in pharmaceutical formulations, is described. The method is based on the development of orange, red, or violet products with sodium metaperiodate in an aqueous alcoholic medium.(More)
AIM The present study was designed to investigate the effect of leptin on estrogen metabolism in prostatic cells. MAIN METHODS Malignant (PC-3) and benign (BPH-1) human prostate cells were treated with 17-β-hydroxyestradiol (1 μM) alone or in combination with leptin (0.4, 4, 40 ng/ml) for 72 h. Cell proliferation assay, immunocytochemical staining of(More)
A simple and sensitive fluorimetric method for determination of antiviral drugs: ribavirin, acyclovir, and amantadine hydrochloride has been developed. The method was based on the oxidation of these drugs by cerium(IV) in presence of perchloric acid and subsequent monitoring the fluorescence of the induced cerium(III) at lambdaexcitation 255 and(More)
The purpose of this work is to develop a sensitive, selective, and validated stability-indicating HPLC assay of tianeptine (TIA) in bulk drug and tablet form. TIA is subjected to different stress conditions, including UV-light, oxidation, acid base-base hydrolysis, and temperature. TIA and its possible degradation products are analyzed on(More)
UNLABELLED What's known on the subject? and What does the study add? The role of oestrogen in prostatic inflammation has been extensively shown. The catechol oestrogens are known to be more potent oestrogenic moieties that not only aggravate the inflammatory response in situ, but are also believed to have oxidative stress and genotoxic effects. The present(More)