Alaa R. Alameldeen

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The Wisconsin Multifacet Project has created a simulation toolset to characterize and evaluate the performance of multiprocessor hardware systems commonly used as database and web servers. We leverage an existing full-system functional simulation infrastructure (Simics [14]) as the basis around which to build a set of timing simulator modules for modeling(More)
Modern processors use two or more levels ofcache memories to bridge the rising disparity betweenprocessor and memory speeds. Compression canimprove cache performance by increasing effectivecache capacity and eliminating misses. However,decompressing cache lines also increases cache accesslatency, potentially degrading performance.In this paper, we develop(More)
One of the most effective techniques to reduce a processor’s power consumption is to reduce supply voltage. However, reducing voltage in the context of manufacturing-induced parameter variations cancause many types of memory circuits to fail. As a result, voltage scaling is limited by a minimum voltage, often called Vccmin, beyond which circuits may(More)
Data on the Internet is increasingly presented in XML format. This enables novel applications that pose queries over “all the XML data on the Internet.” Queries over XML data use path expressions to navigate through the structure of the data, and optimizing these queries requires estimating the selectivity of these path expressions. In this paper, we(More)
With the widening gap between processor and memory speeds, memory system designers may find cache compression beneficial to increase cache capacity and reduce off-chip bandwidth. Most hardware compression algorithms fall into the dictionary-based category, which depend on building a dictionary and using its entries to encode repeated data values. Such(More)
Voltage scaling is one of the most effective mechanisms to reduce microprocessor power consumption. However, the increased severity of manufacturing-induced parameter variations at lower voltages limits voltage scaling to a minimum voltage, Vccmin, below which a processor cannot operate reliably. Memory cell failures in large memory structures (e.g.,(More)
Voltage scaling is one of the most effective mechanisms to improve microprocessors' energy efficiency. However, processors cannot operate reliably below a minimum voltage, Vccmin, since hardware structures may fail. Cell failures in large memory arrays (e.g., caches) typically determine Vccmin for the whole processor. We observe that most cache lines(More)
Technology advancements have enabled the integration of large on-die embedded DRAM (eDRAM) caches. eDRAM is significantly denser than traditional SRAMs, but must be periodically refreshed to retain data. Like SRAM, eDRAM is susceptible to device variations, which play a role in determining refresh time for eDRAM cells. Refresh power potentially represents a(More)
Multi-threaded commercial workloads implement many important internet services. Consequently, these workloads are increasingly used to evaluate the performance of uniprocessor and multiprocessor system designs. This paper identifies performance variability as a potentially major challenge for architectural simulation studies using these workloads.(More)