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This paper explores the possibility of using AlN/sapphire piezoelectric bilayer structures for high-temperature SAW applications. To determine the temperature stability of AlN, homemade AlN/sapphire samples are annealed in air atmosphere for 2 to 20 h at temperatures from 700 to 1000°C. Ex situ X-ray diffraction measurements reveal that the(More)
This paper presents the performance evaluation of three different cutting fluids used in a minimal quantity lubrication (MQL) system. The MQL system, developed in-house at the University of Malaya, was capable of delivering high velocity cutting fluid in narrow pulsed jet forms at a rate of 2 ml/min and a pressure of 20 MPa. The three cutting fluids chosen(More)
The determination of the initial pressure at the bubble wall created by a discharge in heptane for micro-gap conditions cannot be determined straightforwardly by modeling the time-oscillations of the bubble. The resolution of the Gilmore equation gives the same solutions beyond 1 μs typically for various sets of initial parameters, making impossible the(More)
Time-resolved fluorescence (TRF) spectra of six crude oils from the eastern province of Saudi Arabia were excited using a pulsed laser radiation at 250 nm and measured at specific time gates (TG) within the leading and trailing edges of the laser temporal pulse. The spectra showed the presence of a shoulder near 380 nm that systematically decreased in(More)
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