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A new low-computational complexity robust adaptive blind multiuser receiver based on a constrained optimization approach with multiple constraints and a quadratic inequality (QI) constraint on the weight vector norm is developed. A diagonal loading technique is required to apply the quadratic constraint where the diagonal loading value is adjusted to(More)
Intrusion detection is one of the most important issues in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). WSN sensors distribution plays an important role in intrusion detection process; uniform distribution of sensors yields the same intruder detection capability for all WSN points. Many applications require different levels of security (i. e. the security level should(More)
Recently, huge number of e-mails is sent and received. These e-mails are classified into spam and non spam ones which are processed with the same priority. To guarantee a higher priority service to non-spam e-mails than that is provided to spam e-mails, a two-priority queue scheme was proposed. There are some drawbacks in the two-priority queue scheme such(More)
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