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In this paper we present a new operational interpretation of relative-entropy between quantum states in the form of the following protocol. P: Alice gets to know the eigen-decomposition of a quantum state ρ. Bob gets to know the eigen-decomposition of a quantum state σ. Both Alice and Bob know S (ρσ) def = Trρ log ρ − ρ log σ, the relative entropy between ρ(More)
This paper presents a fuzzy PID control including SMES for the solution Load Frequency Control (LFC) problem in a deregulated power system that operate under deregulation based on the bilateral policy scheme. The SMES units and fuzzy PID controller are expected to compensate for the sudden load change, as the most effective contermeasure. In order to(More)
In this paper, we present the following quantum compression protocol `P': Let &#x03C1;,&#x03C3; be quantum states, such that S (&#x03C1;&#x2225;&#x03C3;) <sup>def</sup>= Tr(&#x03C1; log &#x03C1; - &#x03C1; log &#x03C3;), the relative entropy between &#x03C1; and &#x03C3;, is finite. Alice gets to know the eigendecomposition of &#x03C1;. Bob gets to know the(More)
We present experimental and theoretical studies of the optical response of mixed Ag(n)Au(+)(4-n) (n=1-3) clusters in the photon energy range ℏω = 1.9-3.5 eV. Absorption spectra are recorded by a newly built longitudinal molecular beam depletion spectroscopy apparatus providing lower limits to absolute photodissociation cross sections. The experimental data(More)
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