Ala M. Abu-Samaha

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The aim of this paper is to analyze the diffusion of information technologies, applications, and systems in the Jordanian telecommunication industry. The paper introduces changes and challenges facing the public switched telephony network (PSTN) providers in Jordan and a number of strategies to face or even to exploit such changes and challenges to PSTN(More)
This paper presents an assessment of School Information Systems (SIS) Utilization in the United Arab Emirates' (UAE) primary schools through a holistic descriptive approach that involves explaining , studying and analyzing the current technical status of the schools' SIS. To do so, the researchers used a series of case studies (documents analysis,(More)
AbstrAct This chapter aims to assess the viability of mobile governmental services in Jordan as a precursor to embracing mobile government as a complementing medium of communication. Reflecting on Jordan's experience with electronic governmental services, it is evident to say that the first wave of electronic governmental services was delivered through the(More)
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