Ala Abu-Samaha

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Use Case diagrams are widely used to model system behaviour and also to represent user's interaction with the system. Context Aware Systems (CASs) are dynamic in nature and their response is based on varying parameters such as time and location. Due to this dynamic nature, such systems cannot be represented by the existing form of use case diagrams. In this(More)
A context aware system is recognized as a “system which uses any context information previous to, or in the duration of, service stipulations”, whereas the main goal of this system is to track and identify the users. The mobility feature of most computing and personal assistance devices have made the ‘context of the user’ an important aspect of the system,(More)
Unified Modeling Language (UML) is an effective tool to model information systems and to develop effective system specifications. Context Aware systems possess a dynamic behaviour based on parameters such as time and location which makes the task of modelling a context aware system quite complex namely the security requirements of the system. Since UML(More)
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