AlJohara M. AlQuaiz

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BACKGROUND Low bone mineral density (BMD) is a public health issue in Saudi Arabia. This study measured the prevalence and factors associated with low BMD in Saudi women in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. METHODS A cross sectional study using two stage cluster sampling technique was conducted in Riyadh, 2009. Thirty clusters, each comprising of 300 houses were(More)
Objective. To determine the prevalence and risk factors for anemia in child bearing age women in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Design. Cross-sectional survey was conducted using two-stage cluster sampling. 25 clusters (primary health care centers (PHCC)) were identified from all over Riyadh, and 45-50 households were randomly selected from each cluster. Eligible(More)
BACKGROUND There are many social and cultural factors affecting the sexual knowledge of adolescents. This study measured the sexual health knowledge level of adolescents and identified its association with role of parents, friends and school environment in adolescent girls in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. METHODS Four hundred and nineteen Saudi female students(More)
BACKGROUND Depression literacy in general population constitutes an ability to understand depression, with knowledge of disease, its risk factors and symptoms. High levels of depression literacy promote early intervention, potentially reducing related disability. AIM This study investigated the depression literacy in women visitors to clinics of a(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore Family Medicine Trainees views regarding the hospital component of their Family Medicine (FM) training program. METHODOLOGY This is a qualitative focus group discussion based study. Thirteen trainees, eight from final year of FM training program and five from third year of the same program participated in the study. The structure for(More)
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