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The construction industry is a major player in the economy, generating both, employment and wealth. However many projects experience extensive delays and thereby exceed initial time and cost estimates. A host of causes of construction delays in residential projects were identified and classified according to Drewin’s Open Conversion System. The most common(More)
  • Al - Khasawneh, Shdaifat, Al Shboul, Al - Hamed
  • 2010
Ninety nine Awassi ewes, lambed through the lambing season of 2004 (75 singles and 24 twins) were used for investigating the effect of some non-genetic factors (sex, type of birth, and ewe weight and parity at lambing) on some placental factors (placental weight and cotyledons number). The relationship between placental traits and litter weight at birth was(More)
In this paper, ACOT was provided to advise for employees in selecting the Training Courses (TCs). The courses planning process needs to abide the company's policies regarding training hours and costs. In order to avoid the courses of an employee are confined to only one or two areas, we stipulate that the selected TCs cover three or more areas. This paper(More)
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